How to Tell if Your Point Roberts Home Needs New Siding

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Residential siding has multiple benefits, including better energy efficiency for your home and increased curb appeal and ease of upkeep. But even the most high-quality siding materials aren’t meant to last forever. If you’re wondering whether now is the time to get new siding, look for these warning signs that your home’s cladding needs attention soon.

Slats are Damaged

Whether they’re warped, bent or twisting away from your home due to age, weather damage or even accidental impact, siding slats that no longer lay flat against your home are a sign of trouble. Even though the openings may be small, water, animals or pests can get behind those slats and cause harm. 

Siding is Discolored, Blistered or Chipping

Depending on the age of your siding material, it may be fading, discolored or blistered from sun damage. Weather-beaten siding may also chip or appear pockmarked. Not only are these blemishes unsightly, but they also suggest the weatherproofing behind your siding has lost its effectiveness as a barrier against moisture.

Your Utility Bills Are Creeping Up

If one of the primary benefits of siding–improved energy efficiency of your home–no longer applies, what good is it? Even if your siding appears intact, it may no longer be a good barrier because of its age. If that’s the case, you’re actually losing money every year that you don’t invest in replacement siding.

Is It Time to Install New Siding in Point Roberts?

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