Ryzer provides an integrated end-to-end construction solution for Manufacturers, Builders, Contractors, Property Managers and Home Owners.

Built to Solve a Challenge

Ryzer was launched in 2015 to help solve a unique challenge in the construction marketplace.

There was a clear gap between manufacturers and builders in reference to a skilled team and organization needed to assist with the selection, installation and end-to-end delivery for windows, doors and building envelope products.

Ryzer was created to help provide empowered and skilled craftsmen to execute on technical solutions for complex projects at scale. Ryzer partners with builders, manufacturers, and property owners to deliver beautiful envelope solutions from idea to final install. People first, community focused and competitively driven. We are RyzerBuilt.

Our Team

We are craftsman and technical leaders in our field. At Ryzer our people are what make us special and unique.

Senior Leadership/Board of Directors

Marty VanDriel

CEO, Board Chairman

Ryan Vandelft

Founder, Board Director

John Doornbos - Ryzer Leadership

John Doornbos

Board Director

Justin Bontkes - Ryzer

Justin Bontkes

Board Director

Jon Bouwman

Operations Manager / Board Advisor

Management/Administrative Team

Henry Klos - Business Development Manager - Ryzer Construction

Henry Klos

Business Development / Service Manager

Seth Bareman

Field Manager

Kat Springob

HR/Payroll Specialist

Business Development/Sales Team

Cody Brown

Snr. Project Consultant

Matt Wendt

Project Consultant / Service Coordinator

Field Leaders/Specialists

Kevin Rodgers


Joel Berends

Snr. Lead Hand

Jono Maclean - Senior Lead Hand - Ryzer Construction Services

Jono Maclean

Snr. Lead Hand

Bryant Kingma

Snr. Lead Hand

Gonzo Rubio

Snr. Lead Hand

Logan Reed

Snr. Service Tech/Shop Foreman

Harvey Stuart

Snr. Service Tech

Shane O'Dwyer - Service Tech at Ryzer

Shane O’Dwyer

Service Tech

Solutions Driven

Specialized construction & installation provider of end-to-end building envelope solutions in the Pacific Northwest.

Specialized Construction Partners

At Ryzer we are focused on building value for all of our partners. We empower people, embrace craftsmanship, enrich lifestyles, and enjoy work. We deliver solutions for our partners on technical and complex projects.

Ryzer was started to help solve a problem: Bridge the gap between manufacturers and home builders to deliver excellence in the window, doors and envelope space. This drives our team and we approach every project with a solutions mindset and a focus on creating beautiful spaces.


Safety in Everything we Do.

At Ryzer what makes us special is our people and our ability to deliver on technical and challenging projects. This can only be accomplished by a commitment to safety. We are safety obsessed. This starts with our training, our technology and our equipment.

Delivering custom end-to-end envelope solutions requires our team to think differently and plan every detail. We work in a collaborative environment where each step and process is planned and perfected to allow our team to execute on even the most complicated tasks.


Empowering people and relationships is at the core of everything we do and remains our number one priority and motivation for growth. Our commitment to craftsmanship and a quality-obsessed culture is deeply rooted in our overall business strategy.

It is our Vision that Ryzer can bless our team, partners, customers and communities in all interactions with the delivery of our products and services and provide an exceptional experience. Things have changed quite a bit over the past years at Ryzer. What started as a small 3 man operation installing windows and doors, has grown into a well respected Construction Services company in the PNW; providing end-to-end building envelope solutions for residential and commercial structures.

That said, some things haven’t changed. The values at the heart of Ryzer back in 2015 remain with the company today – to provide a customer experience we can be proud of, remain committed to quality obsessed craftsmanship in all our products and services, and empower people along the way.

Watch: President’s Message


What we believe shapes everything about Ryzer. We have a culture that cares.


What we believe shapes everything about Ryzer. We have a culture that cares.


We empower people.


We keep our promises.


We see the good in people and situations.


We are quality obsessed.


Every challenge has a solution.


We are organized, efficient and effective.


We do the right thing when no one is watching.


We enrich lifestyles of those we work with and for.


We create opportunities with people who share our vision.


We enjoy the process.

Statement of Purpose

  • Empower People and Relationships.
  • Pursue Excellence with our CRAFT.
  • Foster Christian Values, Legacy and Heritage.
  • Grow Profitably and Enjoy the Process. (Psalm 127.1)

Mission Statement

  • Empower People.
  • Embrace Craftsmanship.
  • Enrich Lifestyles.
  • Enjoy Work.