We build value and impact people. We are committed to personal development, process, improvement and independence. We believe in craftsmanship in everything we do.

At Ryzer we empower our people, embrace craftsmanship, enrich lifestyles and enjoy the work that we do. We get to restore homes and building environments to make a positive impact wherever we go. To do this we need driven, talented people to execute. We are always looking to grow our team.

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Our Culture

We have a culture that cares. We care deeply about the work we do, the people we serve and the impact we deliver. We craft culture.

Crafting Passion in Everything We Do

We are builders, designers, artists, planners, and creators. We get to shape the built environment with our product and craft. What we do shapes who we are. Our culture reflects our work. We care about details and quality, and getting a job done right.

People first, community focused and competitively driven is who we are. We hold our people accountable to a high standard to create an environment of excellence that develops people to become the best versions of themselves. If you are looking for a company that cares about every detail and each member of the team, Ryzer is the home for you. Come Build With Us.

Growth Plan

Our people are everything. Who we are is how we execute and bring value to the market. At Ryzer we have a detailed people development plan and culture of learning. Each individual is placed into a plan to allow them to learn, develop and grow. With Ryzer we create equal opportunity for anyone that pursues growth. Have a career goal in mind? Come craft your story with Ryzer.

Benefits & Perks

Generous Vacation Days

Hard work deserves to be rewarded with time off. Ryzer allocates generous vacation day coverage for each employee.

Healthcare and Dental Coverage

Each employee has their healthcare and dental care covered in the event of an accident. Our workers health and well-being is our priority.

401K or RRSP Retirement Plan

Instead of just focusing on the here and now, Ryzer is committed to the longterm well-being of its employees. This includes paving the road towards retirement, today.

Quarterly Team Building Events

We believe a strong team dynamic and good company culture leads to better results on our job sites and within each employee.

Company-Wide Profit Sharing

The success of our company would be impossible without the skilled individuals representing Ryzer.

Vehicle Allowance

Job openings differ in terms of details surrounding vehicle allowance.

Current Positions

Construction Lead Hand

Bellingham, WA

Service Administrator

Bellingham, WA